Gearhooks – Bike storage solution


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Hello ClowHammer1,
Hope you are doing good, I have check that website which you have mentioned in your post, They are really provides good raks, But you can also do this without spending lots of money on it, You can simply ask for your nearest carpenter they will help you to build it.
Hi Robert,I’m good thanks. Hope you are too. Yes, there are several ways to approach a bike rack. A couple of people already posted their diy creations and, like you said, you can pay somebody to do that for you. For me, the best solution was the Gearhooks product as I don’t have the rime or knowledge to create a rack of my own. I just wanted a quick solution that I could install myself and then forget about. Cheers, CH


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I use an electric hoist attached to a retractable beam that uses old roller blade bearings as sliders. You tie it on with a rope between the gooseneck and seat post, then clip that to a carabiner attached to the hoist cable.

I use rafter hangers to hold the front wheel. You can see one on the second bike front wheel.
downstairs I use a pulley and hoist to get some overhead. My garage is high enough that I can walk under them.
easy up and down.555D46B1-B394-4784-924B-944DA9924117.jpeg
Overflow storage and work shop table.F35A3424-E9BE-45BF-A3BC-F1F7766E7780.jpeg
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