Gary Fisher Podcast Interview


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A bit Marmite around here, I know, but here's word from the horse's mouth.

"Gary Fisher is one of mountain biking’s founding fathers and was very much responsible for bringing mountain biking to the masses. Gary grew up with cycling in his veins, and this passion took him on a crazy path through road racing, free love, LSD, and popularising the mountain bike around the world. We sat down for a wide ranging chat to find out more about Gary’s story. We discuss the early days, the growth of our sport, bringing 29ers to production, his dress sense, Gary’s thoughts on the future and much more. So hit play above and listen to this episode with Gary Fisher."

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MacRetro Rider

I made it about half hour in before deleting it.
To me came across as really arrogant and overdosed on his own hype. Chris (the host) was his usual sycophantic self, like a star struck teenager.
Have listened to the podcast from early on, but been a bit hit or miss recently.


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Thanks @MacRetro rider. I barely got a word in the first 30 minutes of that episode so I'm impressed you picked up the sycophantic behaviour! Sorry to hear that you're not enjoying the podcast that much these days. I'm always open to feedback, so please let me know how it could be improved for you.