Wanted FUNK retro MTB Wanted - Summer of 2022


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I am planning on adding a beautiful retro FUNK mtb to my personal collection. Ive seen several FUNK here in the forum in the past and would love to get hold of one and buy one from anyone who will be parting with it. I am not (yet) focussing on a special model. I am rather curious about what pops up or what will be offered over the weeks / months.

Now here is the thing: I want it in summer / early fall 2022. Dont need it at the moment. So if anybody of you FUNKIES out there is planning or thinking about parting with one this year, let me know what you got.

Needs to be shipped to Germany (preferred in parts and very very well packed and secured)

Thank You! I appreciate.


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I have an early funk e stay frame and fork.

Frame has a small crack at the seat clamp but it should be an easy repair. Let me know if you want pics.


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I have the correct rigid fork top - also in grey.


- Its a FUNK and an early one.
- Its straight.
- Its complete with its fork - also in grey - spinner I think.


- There is a small dent on the down tube - looks like chain suck to me which is ironic given its an e-stay - the price of fat tubes!!
- There is a small crack in the top of one of the seat clamp welds. The later ones don't have this - they have a external clamp so it could (like many other early ones) be chopped off and changed, repaired with a weld or left as is - depends on what you want really and how hard you want to ride it.
- There is a bit of corrosion around the down tube bottle bosses - pictured nothing serious.
- There is a cable rub on the head tube.
- There is the usual other small blemishes/scratches etc on a 30+ year old frame

Let me know if you are interested or want more pics/measurements etc.

I have no idea what its worth these days so if you are interested I'll stick it on what's my XYZ worth thread.


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Thank you Coleman ...I might take on the adventure. Maybe ... depends on your price of course. Definitely still interested. Do you have a pic of the fork as well? Cheers


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Ahhh that's one the two Funk's I sold about 6 years ago. Nice to see it again :)

Can confirm the fork was the original one supplied with the frame from new.