Frame still not identified Frame 1 of 2 but its being built


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I had this frame in the Retro Classic Road section along with another I was trying to identify. The other which never got identified (identity attempt thread here) became the paint your wagon special (painting thread here).

This one I think we got a little closer on identifying (identity attempt thread here) but still no joy so as I'm waiting on decals to move other projects forward I thought I'd start a build thread for it anyway.

My learned friend Mr Peachy suggested an Italian Tricolour scheme which I did like the sound of and was leaning toward (I had all the paint except the primer) but disaster struck and the white primer I bought especially for it reacted badly with the grey primer coat I'd already put on it and that put paid to that, so blue it's going to be.

There will be some Italian flourishes on it I'm sure and I have a Campag group to go on it but thus far blue with chrome forks it will be and I'm thinking of lug lining it in gold and picking out the lug cut outs in gold as well.


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I've got a bit further with this one. I couldn't decide what to use decal wise so after a lot of googling to find images of similar looking frames I decided on Ciocc. I very much doubt it is but there are a few Italian frames it bears more than a passing similarity with and I thought the colour and font would suit it.

I've also used this one as a test for a new clear coat I've found. I normally use standard acrylic lacquers as I don't want any paint reactions with differing materials but the downside is to have any hope of a durable finish it needs to dry somewhere warm and for a very long time before it goes really hard.

I now have a 2K clear coat from company called HB that was suggested to my by a friend in the car painting trade, it has a chemical activator in it so (they claim) is a proper 2K finish.

I've followed the instructions to the letter, painted in 18 to 22 degrees, 3 thin coats within 5 minutes of each other and one 400ml just about managed the 3 coats so a frame and forks might be a stretch with one can.

Thus far I have to say I'm very pleased, it goes on nice, gives a nice clear shine and is supposed to be at full hardness in 24hours, I painted this late yesterday afternoon so it's about 7 or 8 hours off that but to touch certainly feels good but of course the test is when I start assembling it. I normally wait a minimum of a week and upto a month before I start assembly but this ones going together tomorrow.

Anyway pictures of the decaled and lacquered frame below and with all the bits waiting to go on, I'm waiting on a couple of bits and I'm not sure about the white Turbo saddle though.


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I thought I'd test the claims about the lacquer being at full hardness after a day so went for some assembly.

Well it's pretty good but no not fully hard, putting in the bottom bracket is always a good test and especially on an older frame as the threads get a bit tight over time, so fitting the bottom bracket with the frame in the stand does put a lot of pressure on the finish where it is clamped in the stand even if you do put some protective foam around it, there were a couple of very small marks when I'd finished but they did polish out easily and if I'd tried this with a frame that had conventional lacquer on it a day after applying it then it would have been marked very badly, so on the whole pretty impressive.

Anyway lug lining done, bike pretty much assembled with lots and lots of Campag and just missing a pair of pedals, some blue toe straps and a 28.6 seat post then I can finish it


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All the last bits have arrived for this now so it's complete but it will have to wait until Sunday before I can take it out and give it a test.

I'm quite pleased with how the finished bike looks, as with all these things if money were no object there would be all sorts of things I'd change but this one has been built up with parts I had to hand so on paper some of it is out of place (or time for that matter) but overall I like the look of it, I just hope it rides as nice as I think it looks.

Anyway a couple of pictures of the finished machine below.


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