Frame identification - possible MKM Ultimate?


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I have just bought a bike frame from another forum and I believe it may be an MKM Ultimate and was hoping there may be an expert lurking on here that can confirm or deny!IMG_5050.JPGIMG_5051.JPGIMG_5053.JPGIMG_5055.JPGIMG_5054.JPGIMG_5057.JPGIMG_5056.JPG

It has round to aero profile tubes (top tube, down tube and seat tube).

It has internal cable routing.

Track ends with derailleur hanger.

An integrated rear brake - I think this is very unusual! It seems the nut or bolt assembly of the rear brake is brazed into the frame - perhaps aero reasons?

I'm thinking it could be a special order MKM Ultimate - or perhaps one that has been later modified?

It was found in the Yorkshire area, and fitted with Campagnolo record bottom bracket, headset, and the cobalto brakes.


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Interesting frame, looks like it could be built in Reynolds 531 Speedstream with double taper seat stays, does it have a frame number..?


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Does this take a smaller front wheel..? I have a Raleigh SBDU built in Reynolds 753 with oval to round tubes into lugs. 20190422_181110.jpg20190422_181154.jpg20190422_181135.jpg20190422_181129.jpg20190422_181041.jpg


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I think this might be a later Steve Elsworth Ultimate, built after his MKM days.
Struggling to find any info online but there is this. Shame the original advert and pic’s are dead :

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There were some built in Liverpool after the demise of MKM in Harrogate but not sure who by. I must admit that this does look like a very late build with the concealed cables - but are they a later addition? The removal of the DT lever boss looks a bit crude and the cable accesss holes in the TT and chainstay also appear a bit 'rough'. Not seen an Ultimate in 'aero' tubing either. and the rear facing dropouts look relatively modern in comparison to ones I've seen. There was a dedicated MKM website a little while ago. Is it still running?

Edit - yes it is -


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