For Sale For Sale -1993 Klein Attitude, Mag 21 HLF 14"


Dirt Disciple
1993 Klein Attitude, Mag 21 HLF 14"

For sale is my klein, this is just too small to justify keeping it. Structurally this is 9/10, no evidence of cracking, or dents anywhere the bearings in the BB and headset are very smooth. The mag forks work well and there are no leaks or play. There is some chainsuck which is a shame, hence the 9/10.

Now the not so good, the paint is overall ok for the age (6.5/10), there has been touchups as the photos show. There is minimal fading, it still looks very glossy. There are some bubbling around the drink cage mounts and cable entry points (see photos). My personal view is that it is too good for a repaint. But it would benefit from a touch up from the German chap on youtube. Please make your own judgement as to the condition of the paint, I have tried to be as honest as possible and not take flattering photos.

The link below as quite a few pictures of the bike at just about every angle.

Location: New Zealand
Price: 1600 gbp
Postage: 150 gbp posted to Europe, (tracked and insured, posted via air courier NZ). Please supply your address if you are in a different country and I will get a quote. The price includes a secure bike box and I will go to town on the packing to make sure its safe.
Payment: Paypal only, if not paying via gift then +5% for fees please.

Please note: if you find you don't like Klein's or the price then please try and refrain from commenting....Instead take your thought staple it to a frisbee and toss it over a rainbow.

Does not come with the magura v brake mounts, I forgot these were still on.