First Bike - Meteor Lite


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Hi Folks,

Just a taster to start with. ;)

The following was my first proper bike aged about 6 maybe :? minds a bit foggy these days :LOL:

Anyhoo....It was nothing massively special but I loved it and rode it loads!

The frame and fork originally came with built in pegs/foot standers. However, BITD these became uncool and a friend of my Dads cut them off.

Fast forward lots of years and I still have the bike with the majority or original bits.

So over the winter she will be built back up to how I remember her.

Teaser photo:



Will be basic but functional.

A few SR parts but the majority will remain low key/unbranded. Just how she was supposed to be!

Hope you like :D :D

>>>>Update on build

Due to shortly loosing bike space for study space I am going to have to think about where my bikes will be stored. :(

So due to relocation this chap has had to be built up.

Again nothing special but fairly original. CW bars, SR stem.

Well chuffed with how the brake came out. I re drilled, re spaced the brake to run on a modern oversized pivot. Replaced the springs and gave it a bit of a tart up. The brake is now accompanied by some NOS Odyssey pads :roll: :cool:

So what do you think:






BTW seat isn't staying :cry:


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jango":20t49dqd said:
Nice, I like the twin tubes :cool:

Cheers dude.

I beleive that the frames were branded different things in different countries and had elements of other bikes in the design.

Not come across another twin top and down tube designed frame.

I hope to have her finished by Autumn.


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that's gonna look so sweet with the white with green - love the star-X's - colour choice is tops

keep the pic's coming - can't wait to see this built - bmx's don't always have to have top parts to look the bomb

top work :cool:

cheers B ;)


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Hi, how much does the brakes cost on it? are they rare beacuse i am after one :)

Nice work to your bike :)

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