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Rich was kind enough to help me out when I incorrectly sold him a 1" headset as an 1 1/8" and repackaged it and posted it on to the next person who wanted it. Top bloke :D


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Answered my wanted ad and sold me a pace steerer adaptor at a very fair price.

Pleasure doing business.


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Pops is awesome,
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those levers are ace and sqewers identical to my hideous ones

thanks m8


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Rich was kind enough to answer my wanted thread and karma the flexstem cable stop I was after!
Top bloke and credit to the site. :D


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I'm glad all the foregoing reviews on this page have been positive, and genuinely hope all subsequent ones are too.
Unfortunately I've had an absolute 'mare with this guy.
His response to my enquiry for Pro-combo tyres went thus: 'I have a couple of pairs for sale hanging in garage ...' A fruitful convo reached the stage 2 days later of 'Both sets are in great condition with good logos.. I shall take photos for your piece [sic] of mind.'
No photos were forthcoming. Then, sadly, a personal matter at my end meant all recreational activity went on hold for 2 weeks.
I apologised and attempted to resume the transaction, but 6 messages over 4 weeks were ignored (stats showed he was logging on to the site almost every evening).
Eventually, a frustrated enquiry received the response (edited):
'... I don't have to justify anything ... i have one pair of Pro Combo's the other pair are Rockstar Sierra's and frankly not fit for purpose ... will offer them to you by way of trade for another pair of amber walled tyres.'
My subsequent enquiry about completing the transaction as originally discussed went entirely unanswered. So, as stated above, I wish future purchasers all the best - but I'm done with this fella, that's a month of my restoration time wasted.


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Bought something from PopsTrippin, good communication, sent quickly. There was a karma aspect as one small potential flaw was noted (prior to sale). All good from this end. Cheers!