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foz":1vcqd01u said:
Only other thing I can think of is mounting the motor to a separate plate, than mounting that plate to the existing one, with holes that are further apart and out of the way.

My_Teenage_Self":1vcqd01u said:
The wheel in the pic needs to be 5mm from the frame, not the current 15mm.

This would be my solution, 2 birds with one stone. Mount motor on 10mm plate which would act as spacer, with existing bolts, then where bolt heads are enlarge existing holes in original mounting plate. Heads would be flush with original plate mount, no need to countersink holes. As said by foz above bolt new plate to original plate with bolts moved out of way of belt.
Unless there's something I've not thought of, very likely :facepalm: , this moves drive pulley in 10mm and bolt heads on motor are out of way, belt doesn't need to move in relation to motor.


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One final thought: is it possible to rotate the motor mounting angle to change the orientation of the bolts so that one (or better still two) is inside the loop of the belt and therefore not likely to touch the side of the belt?


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I use a countersink tool at work for this very reason with a DeWalt and its perfectly ok (the fact that I'm destroying £100k to £500k of vehicle never far away)

You could also try a hand tool if you're nervous ... s_Whoop+(2)-_-456905&matchtype=&pla-308941987350&gclid=CjwKCAjw0On8BRAgEiwAincsHHrqMQ8hmQi7bilU846pumEw7T8mbaetTze1B9hwgS__YJK9yfvdWBoCIGoQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds


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...or forget belt drive altogether, and go on a thinner chain drive?

You could probably find some S/H fixed sprockets in the Road section :LOL: :facepalm:

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Don’t mention Bournemouth.

I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it.