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Only bought a couple of pad inserts, but good comms fast payment, and made sure I knew they had arrived safe & sound..Good man... :D
Top man!! and perhaps Burton too

elpedro is the epitome of the retrobike spirit, top class bloke ,friendly, informative and just generally nice in the true sense of the word, he buys bikes off you to do you the favour, then goes and looks for a new bike for you, I mean what more do you want???

does tend to over price his modern xt stuff though,lol, apart from that pretty much perfect

my highest recommendation goes for peter,

nice one buddy

erm that kona might be a bit old,lol so keep your eyes peeled


this young man went right of the way for me so we could swap seat posts and more than good to his word thank you pete

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
Great guy, got a pair of Onza Porcupines in the box good price and fast shipping. Not a bad word to say. Thanks a lot.
I can only echo what people have already written and add that pete is a fast payer too.....the sense of humour is top notch as well

top man and in danger of becoming notorious :cool:

cheers fella