elite504's feedback

Drapoon":373ftcqm said:
I agree with the quality packaging

Elite504 takes quality packaging to another level - I never received anything wrapped in a cool NOS Ringle T-shirt before. :shock: :cool:

Oh, and great comms, great cranks, cool guy. One to trust. Cheers fella!
Cheers fellas, you are all most kind. I try and only deal with people in a way I'd like to be dealt with. Only the IT lets me down occasionally when someone stands on the cable. . ;)
Good bloke, cool kit

All good, yep nice one for the RINGLE t-shirt..And the item i got is awesome...Top man :D
If great service, great products and a being a great guy boost your karma rating then this guy's going to win the lottery any day now with all the positive karma around him! Top bloke, love the t-shirt! Thanks
great seller - thanks for the cook spiders


good seller - fast and reliable!
very happy with the cook spiders!


super bloke, know's his bikes and parts knowlage!

i also got a free t-shirt, just shame im M not XL! lol,

love the cooks bro's stem and will be buying more dude!

top service!!!!!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
£560 quids worth fo stuff bought from this haven of green and gold ringle and cooks.

Wonder why Im going to have to starve this month.

Many thanks for super quick delivery and trust in me. Thank you.