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so yesterday was not a fun day at all,in fact on the fun scale i think it grabbed a shovel and dug a hole to the center of the earth.what happened..ill tell ye lads aaarr..some pirate decided to hack my ebay and paypal account and began to by obscure things like very expensive jogging watches(the idea of me buying fitness equiptment...cmooon..really?) for 200 quid,getting locked out of my ebay ,they changed all my passwords too.luckily i was in my email box when it happened and saw the purchase happen.this prompted lots of yelling potty mouth words and frantic phone calls to ebay ect.i had to stay on the phone for what seemed like hours to get it sorted,in the end both accounts are now closed.i had to get to the bank as fast as i could,closed that down before they could charge me any bills i didnt know about...the real panic was my email account getting hit with notifacations of all these websites they were using my email to join and try to get money from.in the space of an hour or so i got nearly 1400 emails relating to this.this meant i had to get rid of my email account too...so here i am..brand new day and having to start all over again with building my feedback to where it used to be.id had that account since 2004 as well.the point of this thread? well ebay and paypal ect all have 2 factor authentifacation to prevent this happening,id turned mine off as it was annoying keep having to get my phone to sort out logging in ect..a painful lesson i have learned this day...so to all you readers..get ya security sorted,dont hang about get it done now...or they will get you and ya bank account too...


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People assume the word security makes something safe, it does not, there is no safe in the digital world, merely harder to crack, or more accurately longer to crack.

So, the more layers you add to your privacy or online status, the longer it takes to get through them. Nothing is safe as i said, and most will go for easy targets and not spend the time/effort/risk of trying to get through layers of so called security.