East Midlands Area chat and rides thread


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Following the success of the Sherwood Pines ride (see here: http://www.retrobike.co.uk/forum/viewto ... highlight=) which involved a reasonable proportion of regular members from the East Midlands sort of area - we thought it might be an idea to create a loose afiliation, much like the MacRetro clan.

One possible name was MiDRetro short for 'Ey Up Mi Duck' - an expression occasionally (let's be realistic!) around these parts :D

Any other suggestions and then shall we put it to a poll?

Are we even happy that it be described as East Midlands rather than Midlands or similar?

Thoughts please ladies and gentlemen :D
I did think that the MiD widened our catchment as East Midlands has various interpretations as an area.
But hey, I'm too new and awstruck to know anything. :oops:
well it's a loose afiliation - probably more directed by the location of the rides than the members perhaps?
we couldnt even decide to go left or right , lets leave it at mid to save anymore decisions :LOL:
im down with MiDRetro me lovers :roll: lol,its nice to be part of something cool ;) lol
We are now Stickified - that means we have to be serious and no banter or jokes... ok, only kidding :D .

Let's keep thinking about the name and we will put it to a poll in say a week's time, after which we will add the name to the thread.