Dura Ace 1st generation.


Dirt Disciple
Various bits required.

Crankset dust covers
Chainrings pref 52, 39 others considered
Front derailleur for spares. .. need chain guide bushing and nut setup

Other bits from groupset considered.


Retro Guru
I have a front derailleur you can make use of for spares.
Also got a complete black/silver groupset available but not keen on splitting- just thought I should put it buy you if you might be tempted/wanted one in this colour.


Retro Guru
Righto, well I'll be making a trip to my storage lockup tomorrow so will pick up the derailleur then and be able to think of a price. BTW as you might need other bits from the same groupset, I know I also have a first gen large flange hub built into a Mavic rim in the lockup. Say the word and I'll retrieve this too.