Dawes Bike Identification Grame 531.


Dirt Disciple
Okay, I googled up the ebay listing:

It's certainly not a Galaxy or a Lightning. The 531 sticker looks authentic, and identifies the frame as 531 butted main tubes only. The fork bend and clearances are a bit too sporty for a Galaxy, and the quality's a bit too good for a Lightning. The components look like a good fit for the Jaguar - VX derailleurs, sidepull brakes, what looks like a fairly narrow ratio 6-speed block. I'd say early the eighties Jaguar is a pretty good match.

The thing that throws me a bit is the clip-on rear brake cable. Catalogues show braze-ons for the cable along the top tube, and I can't find another Jaguar in that colour.
Echelon has clamp on rear cable guides.
I have a 78 echelon and that frame is mighty similar.