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Evening all

Just liberated my old Dave Yates from my Mum’s shed. It has only been in there for the last 20 years or so.

Originally from Bromley Bike. The bike had Project 2 forks, an XT groupset and Bullseye hubs on Ritchey rims & Ringle skewers. I loved it!

I still have most of the parts but the wheels broke years ago. Can you tell which parts are well & truly stuck?

Strip down has commenced. Plan is for a light restoration but no rush. I have a feeling parts may be slightly less available than the early 90s...


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Many thanks for the comments.

I’ve been cleaning up some of the old bits today. The front mech had some 25 year old mud still in it. The cantilevers cleaned amazingly well with some metal polish.

I do still have 1 original accessory to complete the retro look - a Mk1 Crud Catcher.


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Very cool, I have one of the same year in yellow.

I spy an early Syncros seatpost as well, presumably this has been a bit hard to shift? Hopefully it's already at your height or can be removed with not too much difficulty.

Will look forward to updates on this one. I'm sure you could rebuild it close to your original spec with a bit of patience and the odd wanted post on here. Be prepared for some wallet bashing for those wheels and skewers though... ;)


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The Syncros seatpost hard to shift....

It was stuck about 5 mins after buying the bike. I don’t think it helped being a 425mm version. Bromley Bike got it out for me the first time but I think it gave the staff a couple of hernias!

I still have the Ringle seatpost skewer but who needs one with a very stuck seatpost.

BTW yellow really was the colour of the era.


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I’m rather impressed how bits are cleaning up considering the state I left them many years ago.

Any suggestions on some decent new brake pads?


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