Coyote ultralite


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Hi all,

I've recently been reacquainted with my yellow coyote ultralite from 1997 which has been in my stepfathers shed for the past 10 years. Its not in the condition I left it in with some rust on the rear triangle and missing decals. I'm planning to do something with it and wondered if anyone knew size seatpost it takes (I'm on holiday and planning ahead).

I used to have a USE seatpost but the shim did all the work for me.

Anyone have any thoughts or similar projects?

My Coyote HT5 was newer than your ultralite, but took a 26.8mm post. Might be worth a try if you've a spare in that diameter.
Cheers Sam,

Juat got back home and whilst the 26.8 fits it may be that a 27 fits better. I'll have a mess but thanks for the response.

Frame is worse than I thought so I may have to have serious think before I start spending money.

I stripped it down last night and it's in the garage awaiting my attention. I'll post a few pictures tonight.

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