For Sale Coyote research dynamics steel. Lx. Odyssey svelte. araya


Retro Guru
Been a long time since I sold anything. Pretty much left the biking world and went to motorcycles.
However I kept a retro steel steed for running to work etc in the car broke down.

But it's time to sell as it looks miserable outside.

As far as I can tell. It's all original. Early 90s. Tange. Lx groupset, possibly Ti odyssey QR skewers and seatclamp. Araya wheels. Possibly Ti booster.
CX tyres is all I've added. And it runs fast as hell on the singletrack gravel now with arms stretched on the horns.

Nice lightweight and sharp/fast handling gravel/commuter. Reminds me of my 92 zaskars.

It's not been covered for about 6 months and picking up surface rust, but is actually lovely condition under the grey dust and muck. Rear mech has rusty oil/water. But wipes right off.
Wheels bloody good condition, as is the groupset in general.

Cranks have heel rub. Saddle has given up, and the long bar grips have wear.
Front mech has some surface rust on the inner guides.

Has a baby seat mount on the stem which I'll remove and put back on my wife's bike.

Id like 100. Will entertain offers of course.
Not interested in swaps.
Can deliver within reason.
Cheshire Northwest collect otherwise.

Thanks folks.


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