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Happy New Year retro heads!
I went into the lbs yesterday to drop off a press fir bottom bracket for them to fit.
I'd do it myself but it made sense for them to remove one of those nasty Campag jobs, connect the di2 wiring while it's out, before plugging in a nice Wheels Mfg jobbie.
Whilst chatting to one of the mechanics, I spotted a bike frame shaped object in very retro colours.
Asking said mechanic about it, he told me it had a stuck seatpost which despite the other mechanic's best efforts at chewing it up to get out, had failed. Apparently the owner resigned himself to this and was okay to see it binned.
Right on the edge of Mike size, I'll be giving this to a friend of mine who has been very kind.
He has some wheels for me, so I will give him ones they are replacing, along with some Campag ( he's a fan 🙄) brake calipers I have, maybe some Veloce ergolevers, the 3T bars and stem that were also binned and possibly a seatpost if I have a 27.2 going spare.
In the meantime, before I take the frame to a local frame builder who can help remove the seatpost remains, I shall find some matching nail varnish, tidy up the Chrome with polish and foil and tidy up the threads on the forks. Unfortunately I don't have a spare campag headset otherwise it would be a rolling chassis for my friend. Although I may have a nicer Shimano one just to wind him up. 😂 Here's some photos of what I collected.
IMG_20240103_153148043_HDR.jpg IMG_20240104_100708549_HDR.jpg IMG_20240104_100719950.jpg IMG_20240104_100805290.jpg IMG_20240103_153136905.jpg
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It doesn't eat all types of paint. I've dissolved a few and some paint it washes off, some paint it leaves alone.

Given the state of the seat tube top....its going to need some paint anyway.
caustic soda, nom nom nom.