Wanted Cook Bros Racing/Cooks/CQP Dogbone Cranks


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Sorry for the Wanted forum total hijack today!

I'm looking for a remotely reasonably priced set of CBR/Cooks/CQP dogbones. I'd be interested in all three versions/iterations, but am only after either the all black kind, or the silver with black spider option. They don't need to be mint, just nice enough.

I recently purchased what appeared to be an ideal set for my current build from the legend @kokies. Who kindly removed them from eBay and made a nice little deal with me.

But I then foolishly decided to ship them for free on the work account, instead of through Kokies. Not normally a bad thing, but I guess the universe has it in for me because they promptly went missing.

Obviously as this was a deal between friends, there's no way other than UPS to get my money back. But the problem is, one of the reasons we get such cheap rates through work is that it defaults to a $100 value limit, which I sadly didn't know beforehand as I've never had a package go missing before. Anyway, UPS quickly approved the claim I made but the check just arrived and is made out to the company I work for, rather than to me, the shipper. So, never mind the $100, I'm out the whole amount now!

No cranks, no cash.

Oh well. Sigh. $%#@ everything, Etc.

Anyway, sorry for the long-winded sob story, but all this is to say: I'm back on on the hunt for a set. So if anyone has any, or any leads on any at all, please do let me know.

I'm feeling a tad dispirited right now, as I'm sure we can all imagine. And would greatly appreciate any help anyone here might be able to provide!

: )