Converting from ultegra 10sp di2 to 11sp


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What's the minimum I'd need to do to switch from ultegra 6770 di2 to 11sp?

I have a bike running 10sp, I haven't used it much but looking to change that.

M6770 is no longer supported I understand, mine is mint and fully working, never changed anything as I'm a bit clueless on di2, but it works fine.

I did buy an 11sp ultegra di2 mech, no idea how to test if it is working or not though.

Research suggests a rear and front mech are all that I'd need, and some voodoo with updates will allow me to update the system and bingo, 11sp.

Trouble is, I've no clue how to do that or what I'd need to get over the line.

Can anyone help me learn what I need to do and also how to test if the 11sp rear mech is working before I try and buy a front and start messing with it all, as it's working fine as a 10sp, just looking to move to something that's supported and a bit more current.
You just need a couple of parts:
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Oh, and the front 11 derailleur too?

Looks like you could try plugging the 11 speed mech in and seeing what happens - count the clicks!

Thanks, I read that before posting and it's what got me to pose the question really. When you start reading things like upgrading firmware in a battery mount and needing special kit to do it all, it begs the question as to whether it is with it or not.