Claud Butler European 1959 transfers


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I have a 1959 European CB, that came to me as a frame and forks with a very nice blue paint job but no transfers, the catalogues on are not clear enough for me to be confident in a “correct” or at least period set.

No the seat is not staying, it’s my build up one!

Would anyone have a photo or a list of the correct transfers? Thank you.40BF136D-CFF3-4C19-BB65-5AC10D5C8EFF.jpeg
H Lloyd will have the correct transfers. Welcome to Retrobike.

I think it will be the CB signature, but it was in flux in 1959 with who owned what name and seat post transfers as head badges. I am finding it difficult to find a photo of a European to check against. is excellent but the brochures are grainy in that period.