Classic repro


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I’m trying to order a Syncros stem cap for my retro build and the classic repro site won’t let me add anything to the shopping cart. Has anyone else had this issue? I have mailed them a couple of times but not had a reply!
I have been waiting to order goodies from that site since last fall and first assumed 11/09 might have meant September 11th (their home page states MOVE, NO ORDER BEFORE 11/09) so moving I guess. That date came and went. Then I figured maybe November 9th? Nope

Pretty frustrating, who knows if they will reopen their site.

I've ordered one of these from SRP a few years ago and I'm quite happy with it:

Also, a fellow RB member is having some repros of these stem caps made in different sizes and colours. I just forget their RB handle, maybe someone else can chime in