Sold Circa yr2000 Kona Blast cheap.


Retro Guru
Hi all,
This is a project that isn't being got round to so thought I would offer it here cheap before trying elsewhere.
If anyone is near enough to NE Hants and has £40 burning a hole in their pocket they can come and get a Kona in a box. Dismantled and ready for rebuilding. It will need new cables, the fork rebuilding/replacing and the shifters un-gumming.
Anyone up for it? Before I part it out?
Cheers Rich
Would you stick a label on the box for courier? The blast could be a fun pump track bike Cheers.
Sorry I am time poor so finding a box, packing it up etc for 40 notes doesn't work for me at the moment.
Hoping someone within striking distance will come and collect.