Cinder Cone in the wild....


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Well after spending some time putting this together over Christmas I finally got a chance to ride this properly last night.
As the weather was so amazing I thought I’d get a few pics of it in its natural habitat.

Enjoy :)


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Old mate of mine, sadly no longer with us, had one which I'm fairly sure was identical. He bought it '94 or '95 and fitted his first suspension fork in early '96. Unless I'm wrong and it's a totally different year!


Old School Hero
Sorry to hear he’s not with us anymore :(

It’s a 92 frame (was solid red) painted in the 93 Cindergold just for clarity :)

The STX RC groupset was ‘borrowed’ from an old Claud Butler Pagan I had in the shed.


Old School Hero
Thank you for posting that up Duxuk. Mark sounded like a great friend and cycling buddy, so sorry that he passed away.
Hope seeing my bike has given you plenty of positive memories in some small way of your time riding together with him for you to keep his memory and spirit alive.