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Up for sale is this very rare Chesini Recordman time trial bike from around 1984/1985. ... 382416588/

SIZE: 54cc x 55cc

Found this bike with an incomplete SR group but still in pretty decent shape. Since the frame was branded Marone decals and the paint was pretty faded, I decided to repaint it according to the Chesini catalogue in which the Recordman is featured. Decals were ordered from Chesini (thanks once again to Pamela for the quality decals!). The 650C fork was in pretty poor condition which meant it had to be rechromed. The top tube and downtube are profiled and are very similar to the ones used in the Colnago Esamexico's

The SR group was serviced and cleaned properly. Since the Super Record levers are not aero, already when I found it, the bike was equipped with 1st generation C Record break levers. New inner and outer cables and new Cinelli handlebar tape. The Nisi Moncalieri rims were professionally polished and laced on SR low flange hubs. They were trued to perfection, by hand. According to the catalogue, the Chesini Recordman came equipped with a Regina CX 6sp cassette and a San Marco saddle. Since Chesini Hutchinson tubes are almost impossible to find, I opted for a pair of Vittoria CX Corsa's. Steer and steerpen are Cinelli. The complete bike weighs 9,3 kg.

Judging by the Cinelli rear stay bridge, I estimate that this is one of the first Recordman's produced. I say this since in the later Recordman models, the Cinelli bridge was replaced with an X-Uno bridge.

Headset: Campagnolo Super Record
Bottom bracket: Campagnolo Super Record 70ss
Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Super Record
Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Super Record (Pat. 84)
Shifters: Campagnolo Super Record Chesini Panto
Break Levers: Campagnolo C Record (First Generation)
Break Callipers: Drilled Campagnolo Super Record (Second Generation)
Crank: Campagnolo Super Record Strada 170mm (1984)
Pedals: Super Record
Toeclips: Cristophe
Steer: Cinelli
Steerpen: Cinelli
Seat Pen: Campagnolo Super Record (26,8mm)
Saddle: San Marco Rolls
Hubs: Campagnolo Super Record
Rims: Nisi Moncalieri for tubulars
Cassette: Regina CX (6 speed)
Tubulars: Vittoria Corsa CX

Forum price: 2000 pounds (also on sale on ebay)


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Thought I would share with you some pics of this stunning lady!

Full Shot of the Chesini Recordman drive side

Rear hub, Regina CX cassette, the chain... and a blurred NISI rim :LOL:

Profiled tubes, panto shifters, a mirror-like polished chrome fork and some drilled Campagnolo Super Record breaks

Cinelli combo! Stem, steer and bar tape.

More profiled tubes, SR pedals and the bottom bracket.

Hope you like it! I know I do :cool:


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Re: Re:

Callisto LaSorte":1e3f2kkx said:
beautiful bike! congratulations!

P.S: the shifters are spectacular ...

Thank you for the kind words. Is it my impression or apparently not a lot of people on this forum appreciate vintage Italian bikes?


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Trust me, they do! The bike is lovely, you seem to have put a lot of effort into its restoration. Are the SR brakes drilled??


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MercianMike":21lj0ngj said:
Trust me, they do! The bike is lovely, you seem to have put a lot of effort into its restoration. Are the SR brakes drilled??

Thanks for the message Mike! A lot of work, time and money was invested in this project but I have to say that after seeing the end result I would do it again.

The SR breaks are indeed drilled, most likely in order to decrease the weight of the bike.