Cheap Syncros Saddles


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No idea what they are like but good discount

I got one of the XR1.5 saddles (from the link in this thread: HERE) and will be trying it out today. Three points to note: the XR1.5 is £19.99 at Chain Reaction but £62.99 at Wiggle, although Wiggle is even cheaper for for the XR2.0; the saddle labelled 'red' is actually orange (that's what I received, anyway); it's not shown on all the photos, but the entire underside is whatever colour the saddle is labelled as (or in my case, bright orange 🤨). Oh! And I paid for next day delivery and, after taking payment, the receipt indicated that it would take three days to deliver, but it was delivered the next day anyway.


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I've got an XM 2.5 on my FSR & I've been really pleased with it, that said it was a freebee.