cheap 26" Tyres at banana industries

Hello Everyone
Just thought I’d clear up any confusion on what is going on at banana industries and sudden appearance of some cycling bargains etc .
I’m Dave Loughran some of you know me from Planet X which I sold 4 years ago and as my non compete is up and I found retirement didn’t suit me I ended up buying banana industries last year hence the weird chance in direction of their business .

I started in the bike business in 1988 and here is an off the top of my head history / resume and dates are approx

- 80s junior rode my bike a lot went to uni

- ended never got a job and started buying bike and triathlon parts with only a credit card and a res Austin maestro .(thank to the enterprise allowance for 40 quid a week)

- 1998 lemond distributor made by Roberto Billato’s (Wayne table wins archer go)
- 90-mid 90: odyssey distributor (straddle rods)
- 90-98 powerbar first export distributor
- 1990 -1992 casati distributir (mark Waltham John tanner rode gill airways
- other products , fast feather , Roko lever skins
- circa 1992 Rocky Mountain distributor (experience , blizzard very nice )
- circa 1994 fondrirst distributor few years
-90-96 hed wheel distributor

end 90s industry started fragmenting

- at some point distributors of guerciotti and battaglin

- circa 2000 set up Planet X
- 2005 (guess) set up on-one with Brant
- after this acquired Titus , Carnac , holdsworth , viner , Sab
- love buying Japanese and Italian

Had the amazing optimum performance team in the 90s , pro vision team , and holdsworth team at the end

I’m sure I’ve forgotten loads

Made loads of friends , probably upset quite a few .
Was very lucky to make a passion a life’s work .

Thought I’d retire but made so many friends have sort of slipped back

Any questions on early on-one bikes I’ll know the answers inside out , plus billato / lemond as Roberto remains a good friend .

Anyway hope that’s clear, I was always a big wheeler dealer and try to pass any bargains across .
Ritchey stock is all immaculate
Selle Italia we have a great relationship with

Coping soon weird Japanese stuff crom
Nitto , Izumi ,ostrich , Hoazan and others love dealing with Japan .

Anyway that’s the story I may have upset a few on here over the years and hopefully some did well .

I’m not in the business every day but it’s only 3-4 of us (was 3 we hired another today) and anyone can call in

Feel free to come to Kelham island

I’ve got about 30 of my favourite bikes there including very early ti inbred, a mark reilly made 753 holdsworth , early Jack Taylor , even got the 1994 lemons tax that Wayne Randle won the archer on (respirated) , a really early mid 80s Clark Kent titanium

My spelling and punctuation and rubbish too .

I’m most famous for

- buying the last 2000 Cinelli spinach bars from Cinelli
- buying the Jimmy saville bike collectio

Kelham island in shef? Might pop in one day if so
Ho ho
Your in luck, we have a better frame based in raw sat at banana
I designed it after selling ox and getting very bored

- based on the look and feel of sn early Klein quantum / attitude
- large tripe butter oversize tubes
- smooth welds
- internal cables

It’s sort of a Klein Klone , might change modrl nakecyo klone now

Fugazzi gravel frame, we were going to paint in uk but never actually painted .
Got a lovely Lynskey 29er titanium with folded die tube that was custom made for 7 time world adventure race champion Richard usher in there too .
Thanks for joining @Daveloughran

TBH had seen the site and thought the prices seemed to good to be true, but having now seen your posts and realising your just selling the stock at a bargain price think I'll have a good look through!