Wanted Carbon 27.2 seatpost with zero/minimal setback

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Pretty much as above - I'm looking for a lightweight 27.2 seatpost, either inline type or with very little setback. Road bike so it doesn't need to be especially long. Ideally I'd like it to be the type of clamp that can accommodate both standard rails and 9mm carbon rails because I plan to swap the carbon railed saddle out for something more forgiving on longer rides and cycling trips.

Cheers :cool:
Cheers - definitely a bargain for £20 but unfortunately it won't let me put the 27.2 one in the basket 😕 It would have definitely done the trick although the USE one does need a different clamp for carbon rails but for that price I could have lived with it!
I might have a modern use carbon post with a couple of rail options. Can't remember if I put it on a build or not.
I think I have a 27.2mm, cannondale hi-mod post thats 350mm long somewhere and meets your rail needs. Let me have a look tonight at home
I have a USE Ccarbon suspension for sale 20231222_161112.jpg
But it's not 27 I think size 25


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