Calling all 80’s Raleigh experts!


Dirt Disciple
Hi all,

Recently acquired a Raleigh in team Panasonic colours and looking to find out more info please including how much it could be worth!

It has Corsa written on the top tube. Was a good spec- full Shimano Golden Arrow.. wheels, headset, skewers… the lot! Only Renolds 501 tubing though..?
Has 501 Ti written on the forks. Has micro adjustable (assume that’s what these are called.. feel free to correct me 🤣) rear drop out also which points to it being a higher spec bike than the 501 suggests.

Any and all info is hugely appreciated! Cheers


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They might have been in the Raleigh catalogue as early as 83, i would guess 84 and may have still been available 86. I bought a Rapide 1983,so i'm 99% it's from this span of years. I get the impression that the bikes ,especially road , that Raleigh produced after this period were offered with lower end components and a lot of 501 tubing but a bling paint job to allure the unknowing potential customer.
The Corsa was third from the top in the line-up, below the Team Replica and the Competition and above the Sirocco. I have an '84. A nice bike and the 105 Golden Arrow group is really attractive, IMO.

The serial number will tell you exactly where and when it was made. The decoder ring is here.
Reckon you’re right Midlife! Looks to be an ‘86 Team Corsa 12.

Cheers Dicky71- defo ‘86 going from the catalogue 👍🏼.

Yeah the 105 stuff from that time was looovely. I gave it a little tickle with Autosol and it came right up non-fixie.

So… now just the question of price. Would be frame/fork, bars/stem and seat/seatpost. Any idea would be a good one, as I don’t know where to start!