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Marco purchased a CK headset from me. Really top bloke, great communications and super easy to deal with. Highly recommended!
I've dealt with Marco a few times now and it's always been a pleasure :)
Had a good transaction too: Marco was prompt and clear in his communications. It felt could selling a 'dear' part to him.

Marco bought a headset from me after I answered his wanted ad. He paid straight away, and let me know that it arrived safely and he was happy with it.

Couldn’t be easier to deal with, cheers!

I've just received a little bontrager project from Marco :D

Considering the time of year the frame arrived very quickly and well packaged. Top communications as well. Thanks again!

I see this is long overdue :oops:

Wa-a-ay back in August of 2017, Marco acted as middleman so that I could get a bike on eBay Germany that seller wouldn't sell to USA.

Well, he just did it again, only this time there was a 4th person involved in the transaction - Marco paid the seller, and his friend Toby picked up the bike (it was pick-up only) and packed and shipped it to me. Now that's teamwork!

Funny thing: both times it was for a Longus e-stay in turqouise.

Not only would I highly recommend Marco, but at this rate I think I would have his baby..... :LOL: ....OK, maybe not. In fact that's not possible, but I'd definitely go out of my way to return the favor(s)! Marco is definitely TOPS in my book!

Thanks Marco! I'm here for you, man!


It's Marco to the rescue once again!

Yet another eBayer decided that he didn't want to ship, in fact it was local pickup only, and Marco saved the day by being an intermediary in the transaction. Thanks to Marco, I'm now the proud owner of a very low-mileage Koga-Miyata Ridge Runner.

As before, Marco carefully wrapped all the separate goodies in newpaper and fit them snugly into a box such that the frame made the trip across the Atlantic unscathed!

It's always a pleasure to deal with Marco. I owe him at least 3 favors now, and I will always be happy to oblige him.

One would never suspect that Marco is indeed a superhero in disguise, as he blends in with the rest of us, but when he hears about an RBer in need of assistance, he dons his superhero cape and mask and takes care of business! All hail Marco! Hoorah!
It's funny how history repeats itself.

Our story starts when e-stay addict 'incorrigible' (that'd be me) was notified about an ad on eBay for a magnificent MT Racing e-stay frame, but saw that the the seller wouldn't sell to USA.

Undaunted and laughing, incorrigible put out a call for help to the internet, fully knowning that a fellow retrobiker would undoubtedly come to the rescue. Although it's true that some had come forward to volunteer to re-ship after seller shipped to them, incorrigible was soon met with the sad fact that the seller was insisting on 'pickup only', meaning that someone would have to show up in person to buy the bike from the seller.

Oh, no! , thought incorrigible. What's an e-stay addict to do? It's one thing to ask someone to receive a bike and then send it on to its final destination, but it's another thing entirely to ask someone to go out of their way to rescue a bike that would otherwise be picked up and no doubt ridden into the ground by some ne'er-do-well who was only looking for an inexpensive, destructible frame, vice a collector like incorrigible who would cherish the opportunity to own such a rare frame and treat it with the care that it deserved.

Now in a state of full panic, incorrigible realized that he was quickly running out of options.

<If the anticipation is getting to you, this would be a good time to reach for a hankie and have a good cry, just to get it over with before I good now? Good. Let's continue, shall we?>

incorrigible's call for help was picked up by Superman's super-hearing, but Superman was busy ridding the world of the dreaded Zoltrons (dang Zoltrons, always trying to take over Earth).

incorrigible even put up the Bat-signal in the hopes that the famed Caped Crusader, the Batman himself, might possibly be able to take time out of his busy schedule to help rescue an e-stay from the clutches of evil......or at least from the clutches of indifference......, but no. The Batman's alter-ego, billionnaire Bruce Wayne, was busy knockin' boots with young debutantes while drinking Champagne at his palatial estate, and couldn't be bothered.........can't really blame him..........

Incorrigible then thought about calling on an old friend who had previously done exactly what was required; he had gone out of his way and driven across town, and even cross-country, to rescue an e-stay for a collector who felt obligated to take in any e-stay that needed a good home - a collector who would treat an e-stay as more than just a collection of old tubes and rubber parts - I'm of course speaking about the poor, old, cat-lady of e-stays, incorrigible (me again).

Then suddently, before incorrigible could act, there was a bright flash accompanied by a thunderous roar - OK, it was more like an email notification bell - the point being it was an email from mild-mannered Marco, who - when he dons his cape and his mask - becomes <super-hero sound goes here> caemis, rescuer of e-stays, deliverer of assistance, and friend to retrobikers everywhere! He had heard of my plea, and before I had a chance to contact him to ask for his help, he had come forth to volunteer his services once again! I told him that I had hesitated to contact him because I didn't want to "wear out my welcome" with him, but he waved off my comment with his super-hero-glove'd hand and said "No need to worry, for I am <I'll need that super-hero sound here again, preferably with a little reverb echo> caemis, humble friend to caring retrobikers everywhere".

Naturally, I felt awed by his presence, but <yup, again with the sound, please> caemis quickly put me at ease as I realized he's just like the rest of us; he puts his shoes on one-at-a-time like you and me, not at ALL like that pompous, priveleged Bruce Wayne, who has his trusty servant Alfred dress him as if he were a helpless child.

Then suddenly, with a wink and a wave, caemis..........whoops! me, I mean <once more with the super-hero sound, please> caemis jumped into the caemis-mobile and once again went out of his way to score a beautiful e-stay for me, and I will always be indebted to him. I would do business with him anytime, and I highly recommend him.

When the smoke and the dust cleared, I saw that my friend Marco was there, and I asked him "Who was that masked man?"

Marco just smiled and shrugged.