BSA Equipe - Trying to find more info....

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Hi All,
I am restoring an old (70's?) BSA "Eclipse". I'm guessing this was one of the Raleigh branded bikes of the era, but I am struggling to find any information about it online. It's pretty heavy so nothing special I don't think, but pretty in it's own way. Huret front and rear mechs, Weinmann brakes and Raleigh branding on the chain-wheel. Pictures below

Can anyone give me any pointers?


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Re: BSA Eclipse - Trying to find more info....

Raleigh used BSA as a cheap low end bike, also for some export markets.
It looks as if the forks are bent back about 2.5 inches.

You could get someone to hold the bike with the front wheel above your chest and your feet on the chainwheel/bottom bracket. Just give it a tug with your helper telling you when to stop. The only danger with this is if the fork column is cracked at the entry to the crown, but they are butted so unlikely.

Used to do this in the 50s free for those who could not afford new forks, so that they could get to work.



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Re: BSA Eclipse - Trying to find more info....

There wear also quite a few BSA bikes branded for catalogues like Gratton and Empire Stores. Never sold anywhere else so end up in obscurity. As Keith says the forks do look bent :(

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Re: BSA Eclipse - Trying to find more info....

Yes, bike has definitely had a front-end shunt. Forks are bent at the steerer. Going to see if I can bend them back. If not, it'll end up in the skip! Just curious about this "Eclipse" model: can't find any reference to it anywhere!