British handbuilt Mercian 531 Orange Pearl Fade frame/forks


Old School Grand Master
1 of 2 made.

Very rare colour scheme orange and pearl white the quality of this frame speaks volumes.

Mercian 531 atb frame and forks including

Campagnolo headset
Campagnolo seat qr
Campagnolo seat post
Campagnolo u brakes

£500 plus shipping


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thinking of withdrawing it and selling the Dekerf.

I still have the parts... I'm struggling to build right now...

A shame to split given just how nice that frame has come up... but I can understand the need to rationalise the amount of projects those of us on here can easily accumulate.
Completing any build in Campag isn't easy, parts-wise though!

I'm happy to include the Brakes/shifters no problems at all.

I just want it to go to a good home. I might even withdraw the frame I really really like it...
I just think given what it is/was it would have been nice to have remained complete, even if sold, sell it for a profit, but as a whole especially given the story. Its certainly worth more than you paid for it complete that's as sure as eggs is eggs.

There history is Formidable, the quality second to none, whether the story of how the first 6 mtb frames were built is true or not I doubt I will ever now, but you have one, and to be fair, it will always always be worth more than you paid IMHO. If we had a MTB museum in the UK, this would be on display.

And extract from a club member.....(ref website)

"You went in through a wicket gate in large double garage type doors. To us, as new enthusiasts, it was entering heaven - but when we looked at the club bikes to be seen hanging in the workshop we knew we had to get one. There were all sorts of equipment hanging on the walls and we used to watch the careful filing of the lugs, to produce attractive designs, before they were assembled and brazed up as frame and forks".

It was something to have a Merican, it was something else to have a Mercian Mountian bike, it just didn't happen.....! Did you take any good pics of it before dis-assembly,...? I don't even think they have a picture of it on there website, im sure they would appreciate that...?


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I think your confused sinnerman this is the other one.

Not my frame...

the person I got the frame from had it from several years ago...
Are you telling me this is the Sister bike to the one sold on Ebay...?

Thunk they both sold on eBay Carl. This one just came as it's being sold but with shifters and levers and maybe a spare brake or something - am I right Nick?