brake pads v brake arm hitting tyre?


help! brake pads v brake arm hitting tyre edge, even if the pad is worn right down, surely the arm should never touch the tyre?
They are Avid 10s like in the photo, seems like i need pads with a longer stalk maybe? any advice appreciated!


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A photo showing how the pads have been bolted on—the position of the washers, etc.—would help. Otherwise, my guess would be that you've got a relatively wide tyre on a relatively narrow rim.
Sometimes it's a challenge to find the right position/angle. Advice above re. Swapping washers around is a good point to start with. Faffing around to find the best height on the arm and angle for the brake is another challenge. I had some tyres where I simply couldn't get the pad not to rub on a thick portion of the wall which was doubles up as part of the bit covering the bead. It would always just skim and create a slight buzz. Not often I admit defeat, but in this case I couldn't use the intended tyres, others were fine.
It sounds like a combination of too wide a tyre, too narrow brake bosses on the frame & the brakes themselves. Best scenario I can think of is a narrower tyre or fit some brakes such as Shimano LX V-brakes with the parallelogram linkage, the arms sit much wider apart, outboard of the linkage.