BoTM BotM September 2021 - nominations

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This really is getting silly now. We've had some amazing months and this is defo one of them.

Hey Ho

so i tried to get some pics done. Not very happy with the results but at least there is no time left.

LandShark Dirtshark

some Ritchey, Dia Compe, Specialized, King and al little bit of WTB (of course ;-))

i'm trying to find some informations but there is not much at the moment. if someone knows something please let me know.
Hope you like it.
Cheers Kay


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They "say patience is a virtue", but having spend the last seven years on this I think there's a limit! Ladies and Gentlemen if you've not seen it before, here's Swede's 1994 Funk Force GS...

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Outrageous. How long did it take to source the wheels?! Those are hen's teeth as is...


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Drooooool, I love that Merlin with its titanium cassette & Goldtec chainring the whole bike looks perfect👌 I also like the Funk with its high end and rare parts 😎 the 91 GT is another personal favourite of mine & looks ace in that second picture 👍 But for me the Zinn is #1 he set out to build a piece of MTB history and executed it perfectly 😍😎👌👌🤘👍 🌼🌼🌼


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@wtb_rider Well, Kay, that was definitely worth the wait!

Holy hell, what a bike! 😍

I don't think I can vote this month. I just don't think it would be fair to pick any single one of these builds over any of the others.

Well, maybe one or two, lol. ; )

You guys have set a hell of a benchmark moving forward.


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Fantastic group of bikes this month. I'll try and get the poll up at some point this morning