Bontrager Bars Mavic Skewers X-Lite Barends SRP Parts List

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All prices include uk postage and overseas is at extra cost

Mavic Wheel skewers fit MTB in very nice used usable condition £25 posted

Bontrager Race Lite 25.4 flat bars are used and have been cut down to 540mm. Think they have been used with out barends. And this length but feel good with both £20 posted

30.9 For 29.4 seatpost black clamp came off a Team Fat chance fits any of there frames. It is a very nice polish black anodised clamp. Nice clamp £20 posted

XTR UN-91 113mm x 72mm bottom bracket in smooth all good used condition £35 posted

XTR M960 39.6 top or bottom pull front mech in excellent used condition come with shims to reduce the clamping size £30 posted

XTR M960 External bottom bracket hardly used and is super smooth bearing all good like new nice black anodising £30 posted

Shimano Deore XT rapidfire shift brake lever covers New £8 posted

Ringle Moby seat post rail clamps in pewter colour used £10 posted

Royce bottom bracket locking rings New pair in silver £16 posted

Campagnolo early 90s Crome handlebar end caps used £8 posted

Middleburn purple double chainring bolts new set of 5 £14 posted

SRP 3dv purple XTR M900 rear mech pivot bolt New £10 posted

SRP Red crank bolts New pair £12 posted

Venhill titanium XTR M900 rear mech pivot bolt. Would also fit XT New bolt very rare now £12 posted

X-Lite blue titanium Seat bolt in very good condition £14 posted

Sold.....X-Lite Alto Pro Lite Racing barends in very nice used condition nice barends £30 posted

California Cowhorn early 90s barends like new came off a Rockymountain The Edge that was like New . These look new barends £20 posted

Easton Pewter titanium anodised colour 1.1/8th A/head stem takes 25.4 handlebars and is 0 rise 115mm long. Is in good used condition & nice looking stem £20 posted


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