Bob Jackson Tandem Frame - a Project For The Lanky ! *SOLD*


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For sale my parents' Bob Jackson tandem frame. I was planning on using it but it's just too big for my wife so it needs a new home to help fund the replacement I bought yesterday ! My parents bought it about 20 years ago, second hand, and don't remember any of the details. It looks eighties to me. Frame number is 18754. If anyone can decipher it I'd be very grateful ! Stickers say 531c tubing. All very nicely made. It's quite well used so has the usual kind of scuffs, the only damage is a small ding in the stoker top tube.

Cantilever bosses front & rear. It does NOT have fittings for a drum drag brake. Rear rack mounts & double eyelets on the dropouts. Horizontal dropouts, so I guess you could run it fixed if you live in the right parts of London.

General dimensions are:
Captain 64cm c-t, 57cm top tube (about right for me @ 6'4")
Stoker 59cm c-t, 58cm top tube (way too big for my wife @ 5'7", you probably need to be close to 6' ??)
Wheelbase appx. 160cm
130mm rear dropouts, 100mm front

Frame will come exactly as it is in the photos:
Dura Ace headset
TA tandem crankset with double rings
Down tube gear levers & 600EX front mech
Two seat pins, stoker stem & bars.
Rear wheel - 40h Suzue sealed bearing hub threaded on both sides. Semi-aero rim with no name on it. My Dad had this custom built but can't remember any other details.

I might be able to find some other bits to go with it. My Dad certainly has a stack of TA chainrings in the garage so I could chuck some spares in if needs be.

As for price I really don't know what these go for, so I'm asking £400. Fully built up it'll make a very nice bike. I am absolutely not going to get involved in posting it so collection from Sandhurst, Berkshire ideally or I work in Andover so on week days I could meet after work somewhere around there. Alternatively I'm willing to deliver or meet halfway, within reason, if my fuel costs are covered.

















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Re: Bob Jackson Tandem Frame - a Project For The Lanky !

Dear SundayJumper,

In a bizarre twist of fate this tandem is perfect for me and my friend!
I already have two Bob Jacksons and have been looking for a tandem of these measurements!

How do you want to proceed?