Bob Jackson group set dilemma


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Just picked up a Bob Jackson road bike today. Frame number puts it at 1990 according to the handy chart posted by @FalconSS. Well maintained, already a fine ride but components are a real mix - the majority being Shimano 600 Arabesque (front & rear derailleurs and chaining/ cranks). Reading up about Arabesque these components must have pre-dated the frame by 10 years. The question is whether to complete the Arabesque group when replacing bog-standard brake levers and calipers or to start again with a group set from circa 1990 and in all probability get much better performance. Also stick with Shimano or look elsewhere?


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Tricolour 600 works well and is a bit unfancied so relatively cheap, even less in demand than 105 of the same era, so cheaper even though it's higher up in the groupset ranking
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What I am seeing is mostly 105 "Golden Arrow". Which works well and I really like the look of. More modern and more elegant than 600 Arabesque, IMO.

I'd put on a pair of Cane Creek brake lever hoods and call it good.

Nice bike, BTW. 👍


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I'd definitely get something with indexed gear levers. Makes gear changes and knowing it's not going to slip under load so much better.