Boardman's ex Ribble Lo Pro Frameset


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Hi All
I bought this end of last year with the view to a rebuild. I actually work for Boardman & when I saw it, I thought I'd take a look with a view to a rebuild & ride as I was after a classic Lo Pro.
It's just not happening. I've not got the time nor money for this project & so am putting it back up for sale.

Here is the original advert: ... e#p2103732

The bad news is the seatube at the top (post entry) is in worse condition than the original advert stated. It's not a bit of paint. There is a bulge protruding outwards (not sure what may have casued this) & a couple of pin holes in the frame which can be seen from the inside. I always knew it would be a strip back & repaint but this will also need a frame builder to get this back to original condition.

My images of this are here: ... ary/Ribble

The frame tubing cannot be verified but Chris used 753 & to me this feels heavier than 753 so not sure of the tubing as no decals on the frame. It comes with a Mavic Headset which is a bit knackered, I would have replaced this anyhow. Everything else looks fine, no dents elsewhere & BB Threads are clean.

I'll take a hit (due to the seat tube repair needed) as I paid over the odds, so let's see if anybody wants a piece of history at £100 posted


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I think he used this in one of his National 25 champs the one on the cockermouth course up in Cumbria where he did a 49 min ride - so has some history especially if there is a signed note from Chris stating it was his - adds more value.

Good luck with the sale


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The Record he broke whilst riding a Ribble was the National 25 in 1992 (47m-19s) on the High Wycombe course. He wanted a sub 46m time but his peddle spindle was protruding through the crankarm too far and was fouling the chain - he couldn't use the 12T sprocket as a result. Instead, in using the 13T sprocket he had a top gear of 110 inches rather than 119 inches that he calculated he needed for a sub 46m time. He received a cheque for £60 for breaking the record.

Just out of interest - has this frame got a brazed or a plastic gear cable guide on the BB.

Also I assume the Shimano decal has been put on at a later date?