BMX, your thoughts?


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I rode BMX from 16-21 years old, im about to turn 40 and i'm currently mid-way through rebuilding a replica of my beloved custom built '98 Hoffman Deebo that was dripping in all the parts from the Road Fools era... Primo to boot, G-Sport hub and Kink slab ring - sadly it was stolen in 2000 and never seen again! After a drinking session during lockdown I suddenly remembered EVERY component I had 20 years ago, colour & all & have since set about sourcing all the parts (VGC used).

BITD I used to regularly session 2-4 hours on my BMX, sometimes even a 6hr Derby Storm session following by riding back to Derby Train Stn, back to Notts and then bombing through Notts home. VERY much doubt I could manage more than about 30 mins these days haha! I did however manage to pull a clean 180 hop to fakie on a customers BMX bike (on test ride) the other day and for that split second, I was 18 again lol. Bikes truly are like time machines sometimes!


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I'm 5'9 and still ride my BMX occasionally for leg workouts (2002 Redline Supa X--midschool).
As a midschool bike it is rather heavy (about 31lbs) with Tuffwheels.

I recently put 11 inch tall bars (S&M Elevenz) and a layback seatpost that I keep extended to the max (this is the setup you will need if you are over 40 and your name is not Ryan Nyquist:LOL:).

I purposely take it out for long rides to get a good leg pump.
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I borrow my lads ‘96 Claud Anaconda to pop to the village shop every now & then, hopping each & every curb and pavement edge ramp on the way just for kicks & giggle.
I love it, but at 6’1” I’d not want to ride it any further!


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and a hamax bracket to bring my daughter! Actually the dropper makes a lot of sense with a child on the back too.


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I tried to relive my BMX youth a few years back. I raced back in the 80s, started on a chrome burner then a DP Firebird. I managed to buy one of the ltd ed Raleigh team Aero pro burners, it's hanging in the hall way, but this got me thinking and I then got the parts together to build a BMX. Ammaco team chamion with skyways, very cool. I rode it around the block, decided it was way too much like hard work, then it sat on the garage. I have since got an se fast ripper, a 29er cruiser with SRAM gx 1x10 gears. It's fun, but not a BMX. In short I agree that a 90s MTB with riser bars is the closest feeling.


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I have a Diamondback 24" BMX which I ride at the local track. I am definitely not a competitor, but it is great training for the trails. Pump skills and cornering are essential with BMX. Plus, sprinting power, as you can't rely on gravity. I also take it for the occasional neighborhood cruise, definitely not what the bike was intended for, not a comfortable ride whatsoever, but I always have a ton of fun, end up riding further than I had intended.IMG_20211029_135455672.jpg

26" is also an option, either a Strandie type cruiser from the old days, or convert a mountain bike. I have nebulous plans for one of my Hardrocks to go SS, might get a BMX bike out of it eventually
Many new cruiser class bmxs are available too, with companies like PK making the Ripper series, even a 29" remake of the old quadrangle

It is a good time to go biking
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I do still have a BMX somewhere (I bought one 20 odd years ago as I thought it would be cheaper than bending Mavics all the time). Loads of fun, but to the OPs question - anything over a short distance will good leg training :D