Bling bling Raleigh Record Sprint


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Browsing Facebook marketplace a few weeks before Christmas and a large Raleigh caught my eye for the princely sum of £15.......



A Raleigh Record Sprint......the one from the eighties with gold anodised components. This one was wearing cheap flat bars and cheap rubbish replacement wheels and had no cabling to the brakes. The chainset/chain is original but the weinmann brakes are the silver versions. It has the original Shimano 600 rear mech and Sachs braze-on front mech. Anyway I bought it with the intention of turning it into a cheap winter commuter.

Frame is in really good condition.....paintwork is fantastic, just needs a good cut and polish.

First thing was to remove the cheap stem and flat bars and swap for some Raleigh drop bars.

A few days later a wanted ad for a gold record chainset popped up on the forum.....I replied offering the one off of my new purchase and instead of selling my chainset I ended up buying a complete groupset and the original bars from someone else who replied to the ad. (Cheers Gareth!).

So for the grand sum of £34 I now have the rest of the gold bling that the bike would've originally worn....I had no real intentions on returning it to original spec but it seems I have most bits to get close now.




Wheels are still mismatched - I've got a grey Mavic ma40 on a Campag hub on the front now but the rear wheel is still a I'm now on the hunt for original concave black Weinmann rims to finish off the build. Pics to follow once I've swapped some of the goldness onto the frame.

Serial number starts WM4 suggesting it was built in the Worksop (Carlton) factory in Sept 84.....which is odd......was expecting it to be built in Raleigh's Nottingham factory.

Looking forward to getting this built up and ridden.


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Yep, you are correct, Carlton closed its Worksop doors 29th May 1981. Some bikes made in Nottingham after that were stamped with a W frame number. The Record sprint was a good seller back in the day. Gold and black was a popular combo :)



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Lovely, l had one of these back in my student days. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


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People bought the Raleigh Record Sprint because their big brother had one of these:


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I did my apprenticeship at Lotus Engineering so I'm quite fond of the brand. Have always loved the JPS F1 colour's a pic I took at a Lotus Festival at Snetterton a few years back. One of my all time favourite f1 cars...


JPS Capri!? Didn't realise there was such a thing!


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I remember admiring a JPS Capri in a Ford dealers back in the day. Never did get to own one, although I did own a later Injection Capri.