Bikes and wheels from your local tip

Not being funny but if you walked away for the sake of ten quid for a pair of wheels then you are looking the wrong way.

The staff there owe you nothing. Just think, pay the tenner this time and next time you see something exotic you know a twenty opens the door.
If they had been worth a tenner then I would have gladly paid it.

Bet they will just end up in the scrap bin anyway if nobody claims them then the overpaid lazy worker who was sat in his little hut thinking he was in charge of the crown jewels will get nothing.
I once saw an old pinaralleo road bike complete laying in the scrap metal trailer, I still have nightmares about it 😔

I deliberately try not to look in the scrap metal one anymore, had not to though cos you throw stuff in from a platform above it, though if I ever see a Marin in there I'm going full on Denzel - Equalizer style, unstoppable 🤣

If any one is the derby area someone has posted a scrap advert free to collect with a Gary Fisher
Cant take anything out of our tip. They have a charity reuse shop, but they now dont sell anything electrical, anything petrol, bikes etc unless you are a registered, vat registered, trade purchaser, with proof of your trade in that area.

so as nobody now takes it, it all sits for 3 months in a compound till it gets thrown back in to the skip....complete waste.

But, it ticks all their boxes...."well, we offer all this stuff for sale to save the planet....we are so green" . Its just another greenwash job. I didn't buy a new lawnmower in 30 years, thanks to the old system and reused many bikes.....

Sad really that we live where "lip service" to the environment is all that's required....yet strangely we look down on places like India, where everything is reused as being dirty.
i have also just had a thought.

when you take a bike to the tip and put it in the selling section it then becomes the councils property.

if you were to buy it and the tip gorillas keep the money then they are selling something that doesnt belong to them.

its like me taking an item from my company and selling it to a mate and keeping the money.

its called theft !!!

i didnt realise i was funding the criminal activities of my local tip wankers who i pay the wages of through my council tax !