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mk one

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Depends on a few things, location, postage, size, spec, how poor is poor, etc etc. Pictures really help too.


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Pictures are on gumtree Cannondale delta v 1000 Merseyside it's red 8 or so pictures they aski 490 for bike it's local but it looks in bad shape for that much was going to rebuild it but don't think it's worth doing


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Its probably a good £300 overpriced imho & to tell the truth I wouldn't feel comfortable paying anymore than a little over £100 for it.

Everyone wants top dollar for these retro Cannondales but from my personal experience the demand isn't there and they're frankly just not valuable. They're an absolute pain in the a55 to sell

These Delta Vs and super Vs are not rare regardless what sellers might claim & unless in fantastic condition or having a really nice spec they don't have much value


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Was wondering why they wanted 490 for a 1992 Cannondale delta 1000 thought it was a rare bike according to advert I offered 200 at first and that got refused thanks for info retro Jim


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Thanks danbe I offered 200 and they refused it straight away do they know something I don't about it's value thanks


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I have a 1993 retro GT timberline in metallic red I am selling in real good condition what's a fair price for it pls