Bike shipping to/from Australia


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Ok, so, who's used Shipito out of USA for a frameset?

I'm trying to organise one of two frames. So far I have a buy price on one, with a freight estimate for $700USD from the seller's contractor! The other one I know will be a couple of hundred more for the frame, but I'm hoping shipping will end up reasonable as the seller is situated like 2 hours from Shipito in CA, and I figure Shipito's rates will be reasonable so with any luck it will end up much cheaper.


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dyna-ti":2apcbepc said:
Apparently it can rain quite heavily down your neck of the woods and i was instructed on tales of boxes disintegrating on the runway/yard. :shock:

Not quite sure where the disintegrating boxes story came from but I have received a few soggy empty envelopes which previously contained small bike parts.


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I've used shipito heaps. 3 bikes ski equipment and a bunch of other stuff. They fit 2 Mountain Cycle battery frames into the one box and shipped it to Sydney for $180