BoTY Bike of the year 2021 - time to vote

Bike of The Year

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  • January Jimi911’s 1989 Merlin Titanium

    Votes: 22 13.2%
  • February (steel steeds special) WTB_rider’s 1993 Brodie Catalyst

    Votes: 1 0.6%
  • March Tomianson’s 1990 Yeti FRO

    Votes: 6 3.6%
  • April 44Racing’s 1994 Kona Hei Hei

    Votes: 31 18.6%
  • May (1988 and earlier sponsored by Terra One) Wtb_riders 1986 Salsa Scoboni

    Votes: 9 5.4%
  • June daveyla’s Pace RC200 F1 (ex-Richard Thackray team bike)

    Votes: 26 15.6%
  • July raidan73’s 1989 Brodie climbMax

    Votes: 11 6.6%
  • August (bonded special) Ronezwun’s 1990 Valley Runner Carbon, 100th anniversary edition

    Votes: 4 2.4%
  • September Retrobikeguy’s 1990 Zinn “Project Flowers”

    Votes: 29 17.4%
  • October Jimi911’s 1983 Mountain Goat

    Votes: 11 6.6%
  • November (non 26” wheels special) 24pouces 1986 Hanebrink SE Shocker

    Votes: 5 3.0%
  • December shamobius’ 1992 Off-Road Toad

    Votes: 12 7.2%

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Suitably close, given the competition. Some of my favourites from last year didn't win BotM, but the one that did was the Toad, so that got my vote as the bike here I'd most like to ride.
Must admit that I didn't see that coming! However, having just looked at the thread, it's a lovely build.

Well done all.
Thank you.

Was not expecting the win either to be honest. When I built the Hei Hei I thought it was a bit of risk building it up with anodised black parts as opposed to the usual anodised colours, but it’s been my most successful build to date.
It was a very tough year, they were all worthy winners, the Pace and Kona were both at the Malverns and they really drew the crowd including myself. Just shows that we all really Love what we do wether we're riders or collectors.

Jo Burt just said ...... "we all need to get out more"