BoTM Bike of The Month November 2023 - "Rider Special" now taking entries

Bike of The Month
Spuds 1994 CO2 Ozone

This ones been through a few scrapes but has always go me home - even if me and Mike Muz had to burgle THM's shed when he was out in order to find the tool needed to tighten a crank bold :LOL: (don't think THM has ever forgiven us for that)

Pic taken in Graham Foots shop (Bigfoot and Ozone being kinda one of the same - but not) prior to going to Mountain Mayhem

and one of poor old Shaun whose been everywhere with me and pictured after a particularly muddy Hell of the North Cotswold's

Build thread here-
Yes. Another country…….

I forgave you bashing the previous Lady THm’s back doors in. It was the not calling her for weeks that hurt.
I'll chuck in. @bif my definitely NOTNOS 1990 Stumpy Comp incognito with lush Montana quill.
By far my most ridden and go to bike. Got her geared to just about get up steepest hill near me, and after that whatever comes generally works out. Took the snap shots pre tackling the clatch, else you'd not be able to see the actual state of the frame.
At her best having just had annual rebuild (it's easier than ever washing). Have lost count how many that is now. Always gets spoilt with a couple of new parts as I do love her to bits. New cranks and Chicken Stix this time (the Stix irritatingly don't quite match). She probably wants wrapping in cotton wool soonish tbh, so if anyone has this exact same frameset in same size, preferably with a few decals still remaining, takes pity on me and might part with it.
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Competition closed! I'll try and get the poll up later today.
And it's up