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Good point ...Well made....would be interested to see the consensus of the great and the good.....


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I think MTB Dave read waaaaay too much into 44 racings comment, and even if 44 racing is a tyre snob (which I didn't see it as) then it would only be one persons opinion.

What would be next? re-paints? grips? inner tubes? bolts? brake pads?

Nah, if it makes a bike rideable, it's all good for me - I have 3 bikes with original tyres too.


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I don't look at the individual parts of the bike when looking at BoTM entries. I look at the whole thing and decide which I like the most. It matter not a jot whether it is all factory spec or not.

I am not aware that it is a "Concours d'elegance" style competition where originality and pristine condition rule!? Vote with your eyes and heart, not with reference to factory specs is what I say! Vote for the one you would most like to own or ride, the one you lust after!

In fact for the last few months I have been thinking of suggesting BoTM tries a month for bikes that are loved and used hard, showing the "patina" of hard use and maintenance/replacement parts/upgrades etc

What say you retrobikers? Can we embrace this suggestion (as well as non original tyres!)?


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Can I ask - is there an (re-) issue with re-issue tyres in BOTM?
An entry has been withdrawn - and yet there are plenty of other entries that have re-issues on them.

Obviously, there isn't the availability of NOS rubber from BITD - otherwise it wouldn't be limited to grade wall hangers and museum pieces.
Personally, I'd rather see re-issue rubber on a bike over modern stuff - but it's pretty minor.

So what is the goal here? Is it to build period bikes - but with allowances to ensure they actually get used for the purpose they are intended for?
I'm sure all the classic auto racing guys aren't running their Ferraris and GT40s etc on original 1950s or 60s rubber.

I'm sure as hell not buying NOS because I want to ride these bikes.
It’s a personal thing, I guess. I have no issue using re-issue tyres in BOTM, and intend to use them in an upcoming build.

It’s up to each member which constraints he sets around his build - and so long as it adheres to the rules, I don’t think anyone (beyond tongue in cheek comments) is too judgemental. Let’s be honest, if we get all facist on re-issue Panaracers, we may as well ban Flites for the same reason. And Grafton. And Boone.

I’m with you in that I tend not to ride NOS builds - but others here would consider that a waste of a bike. Which I can understand, but still, that’s how I (don’t) roll 🤷🏼‍♂️

Everyone here sets themselves different bars and standards, and it’s fine. If someone doesn’t like your tyres, then maybe you don’t get their vote, but then maybe you wouldn’t have anyway.

This is all supposed to just be a bit of fun. Build your bike, stick reissue bits on it, or not. In the end the market decides 😊
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I think rules 16 & 17 are pretty clear. I hope Xizang is reentered. It's a grail for me. I have the equivalent Zaskar LE but haven't had the opportunity to get a Xizang yet.


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This is my muddy fox courier, I finished building a few days ago.
2nd is my 1988 specilized rock hopper


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This is my muddy fox courier, I finished building a few days ago.
2nd is my 1988 specilized rock hopper
If it weren’t for the fact that the valve cap colours match I’d swear you are imitating a certain style not often imitated on here………! Love both your bikes!

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