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Happy new year all! Now it's time to show us the builds you've been finishing off over the holidays. Just a normal month, so anything goes - well anything that sits within the large list of rules anyway!

Useful for the poll if you can structure your nomination as follows:

username's Year Manufacturer Model , e.g. @al's 1995 weird bouncy thing
Image(s) MAXIMUM OF 2
Finally please include a link to your machine in the relevant Reader's Bikes section. If you don't have an existing post now is the time to add one with as much detail as you like!
Link to all the rules

Nominations thread will run for the entire month of January. Entries submitted after January 31st will not be counted. The poll will go up shortly after the nominations close and will run for a week.
Staffy's 1991 Gary Fisher Prometheus

Frankenstein rescued (build thread)!




I didn't get much done over the holidays except this.

Since a build-up thread is desired here, here is the link:

KayOs' 1990 Specialized Rock Hopper

IMG_20220720_164227_1.jpg IMG_20230109_131933_1.jpg
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I’ll have a go with one of my builds. I put this together about a year ago and due to losing my work space it’s been stored and hardly seen the light of day. Built up from a frame I bought from a bike charity. It’s repainted in burnt orange. Pace forks with full XT. MA40 rims.

Markjohnson76 Burnt Orange ‘92 Aluminium O

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