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Hi guys

We discussed building a better way of displaying the bikes this year.

I have a load of steel and will find time between now and York to get something built 💪

Any ideas on the lay out.

I was thinking a stand that can display 6 bikes in a petal sort of arrangement with the ability to lock all 6 together around the rear wheels.

I probably have enough material to build 6 of these.

I may be able to incorporate the flag and some other advertising into the centre.

I also may be able to blag some ex vehicle dealer information stands that will carry an A4 sheet to pop specs in? (The ones that normally sit in showrooms next to new cars)

I really would like put 100% into making the stand look professionally done this year so any ideas fire them my way!!

Cheers Dave
Sounds perfect as is! Rattle can black afterwards? Will they unbolt and pack down as they sound like they'd take up a sh!t ton of room?
If you need help with material costs or anything, just shout up bud.👊
Sounds good to me.

It would be far better/easier for people to navigate their way around a series of circular stands.
And yes if you need a few quid for meterials just give me shout.

When we saw a 'version' at York rally I always thought of a wooden stake with 6 of these screwed on =

and as said a flag or banner up the middle, or if you fancy some height a taller stake/pole with two of these at the top for 2 more bikes?
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Or maybe a mannequin t shirt frame in the middle for some of Tim's bike ninja retrobike shirts ...... (Free Advertising in exchange for rb members discount)

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I think the wooden stake idea is a good one. Cheap-ish, easy to store and simple to knock up if more are needed.