Bare metal build. Merlin Works XLM.


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Parts have slowly been trickling in. I found a new CSU on eBay, and some new lowers in America. So with these I was able to reassemble the forks, which are with the new air shaft now pretty much new. I wouldn't have chosen blue, but they were priced super attractively and sort of match the decals. They will clash with the bars I have tho.




Armed with a pair of new rims, I chopped out the old spokes. I took a trip to the bike shop yesterday to get some spokes, but they didn't have enough. :(



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Fitted new brake hose yesterday. I picked up this fantastic tool on eBay, makes fitting new hose or shortening existing hose a pleasure.


And laced the wheels. I have ordered some blue nipples to add a pattern to them, but they haven't arrived yet so I can't tension the wheels.


Here's where I'm at.



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Really nice bud. I thought the same as you when I saw the decals but the more you see see it, especially now you've restored it and have bolted some fresh parts on, I think it looks great!

It always amazes me what folk find to package bikes in.

I must confess, I did a similar number on a pair of F32 RLC's that I bought when Kashima was launched. Had them on my Decade hardtail and literally rode them to death. Suppose I got my money's worth and I believe the lad I sold them to for £50 managed to partly resurrect them 😬

Theres a Merlin kicking around somewhere at work, I really want to see if the old gaffer will let me do a resto on it. Shame it's several sizes too small for me 😣


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Wow. I did get this finished, and I have been riding it. I have a bit of a hand injury at the moment so can't hold on to the bars for very long, but I have been running it around when the sun is out.



That was back in May. I noted at the time that the cranks didn't feel particularly stiff, and this bike deserved something better. After a few near misses on eBay, I fell across these Turbine arms and they are the perfect match for this bike.



After giving the chainrings off of the old cranks a quick wash I noticed that I was missing some kind of spacer from the new arms. I tend to keep all of the unused parts from various builds as you never know when something might come in handy. Turns out I had a spare one from I don't remember where..


And assembled.